Monday, April 19, 2010

Everything Wide and New


SO much is going on right now.

I just organized and produced the 2010 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational with an incredible group of people and it was a great experience.

At CUPSI, The Gringo Choir premiered "A Taste Of The Atlantic," our new multi-media poetry show. It went unbelievably well. About a week later, The GC flew down to Arkansas on another crazy adventure to perform at Hendrix College. It was a much-needed learning experience as to how to mold this show to work for our tour this fall.

The Gringo Choir is going to be on a Nation Wide Tour September and October. We're going to begin booking asap. And in the middle of the tour I'm going to have to go compete at the Individual World Poetry Slam Invitational in Philadelphia as I am the 2010 IWPS representative for the Boston Cantab Lounge. So yeah. I'm really excited. This is cool, guys.

I'm currently wrapping everything up with my book and publishing before I go on tour in three weeks. Everything should be done and ready to go to the printers by Sunday - which is awesome. The book is called "A history of silence" and will have 20 poems and several photos in it.

I'll be on tour May 9th-27th with April Ranger and I can't wait. It's a bit stressful at the moment with so many shows being arranged at the moment but we have plane tickets and ourselves and some shows currently booked. I'll post those as more come in.

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