Monday, April 6, 2009

San Francisco

This weekend my friends Rose and Kim escaped with me to San Francisco for the most perfect weekend. It was exactly what each of us needed and I am so grateful to have experienced it.

First of all, I'm in love with San Francisco. I needed to experience a city that felt alive and it was brimming with people and bikes and parks and ocean and beauty. I was completely captivated and spent so much beautiful time alone wandering and exploring and falling asleep in random parks. I felt so very much at peace finally in California and it was such a relief. I have been spending all of this time feeling so displaced in Los Angeles - the sidewalks are so dead here. It feels so empty to me. I needed an escape for a while, a reminder about a lot of things, and this was it. Thank you San Francisco.

Secondly, I got to spend time with some wonderful Berkley and Santa Cruz poets from Cupsi and I was surprised by how much I needed to spend time with them. It was like this delightful force just pulling us on this conversation and allowing us t share poems, and I had a really great time.

Lastly, I am surprised by how little time I have left in California. I have a lot to figure out before I leave and at the same time I don't want to figure it out because it means that College is over. I am ready to be with friends in Boston this summer but not ready to graduate. It's such a confusing and conflicting need and desire.

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