Thursday, April 23, 2009


I just had my last college class... ever... tonight. It was a really strange feeling and a pretty strange day.
I had a wonderful lunch with a friend from The Poetry Lounge at this cool Thai place on Sunset called "Toi" which has an awesome rock n roll vibe inside (beatles music and Wizard of Oz playing on old TV sets and Pulp Fiction posters) with an extensive Thai menu.
As I was more interested in a long lunch than my final paper, I was still typing it up a minute before class began, didn't proof read it until in class, and when I noticed I had forgotten to cite four of my sources, just wrote them down in pen on my works cited page.
At least there was a works cited page, right?
I don't think this last college class thing will sink in for a while - I kind of don't want to process it- because I really like college. But I'm sure graduation will be a big slap in the face.

To celebrate (?) the night I'll leave you with two videos. The first is the newest Bat For Lashes single "Daniel" off her new album. I've been listening non stop to her first album in my car lately.

I've been really interested in music video concepts and presentations recently as I just did my final project for my internship on a music video treatment for The National's 'Fake Empire.' Anyway- one of the directors from my internship directed Coldplay's "The Scientist" video, which was the first of its kind, utilizing the backwards storytelling and requiring lead singer Chris Martin to actually learn how to sing the song backwards.

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