Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Way Home

Perhaps I'll find more time to post and recap my last few weeks and thoughts in Los Angeles soon - but just thought I would quickly update that I have officially LEFT the West Coast ... for now.

My dad flew into LA on tuesday night to pack my stuff up and have a fantastic dinner at his favorite restaurant Las Brisas in Laguna with my charming cousin Lin and my uncle Rich before we skipped town.

Thursday we headed up to Santa Cruz for my poetry feature there and it was great to be out of the city and to see some smiling familiar faces. The show went well and I was especially pleased to discover my favorite SC poet Jack has a chapbook and was eager to trade product. Success!

This morning my dad and I hugged some incredible Redwood trees at the forest preserve before setting out on our cross country journey. We just hauled it and stopped for a quick break at CIRCUS CIRCUSSSSS in Reno. Video games and crab cakes transpired (I am forever scared of buffets and refused to allow any consumption of the multiple casino buffets to occur). The drive was really beautiful and we went through all sorts of weather and landscapes -- purple mountains, red mountains, black skies, rolling greens hills! It was great. We're in Salt Lake City for the night and will hopefully see the Great Salt Lake tomorrow.

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