Sunday, January 18, 2009

Los Angeles!

I know I'm behind on my posts but I'm pretty much winding down road trip blogs and figured I would go ahead and dive into details of what L.A. has been so far!

First - go see Slumdog Millionaire. It's incredible. I saw it with my beautiful friend Emily who was in town last week and I involuntarily cried during it because I want people to love each other or something along those lines. The acting is awesome, the story is great, it's enthralling, and there's totally a surprise when the credits start rolling.

Second- my apartment is great! I live in the Oakwoods right at the border of L.A. and Burbank and am pretty much a stones throw away from downtown Hollywood. I live in a single because I'm an RA and my bed comes out of the wall. It's cool. I do wish I was closer to Santa Monica because it's so cool and totally an hours drive away.
Also- a lot of people told me not to expect much before I got here and said the Oakwoods weren't as nice as Emerson wanted you to think. In response to those people: you're fucking spoiled. Grow up. I have a pool outside of my room.

Third- The weather has been nothing short of phenomenal here. I know the rest of the country is literally freezing but we're having this weird heat wave and it's been around 80 degrees every day. I haven't seen a cloud yet!

Fourth- Driving everywhere sucks. There are too many cars and no one walks anywhere. Nor can you actually walk anywhere. People drive places to go exercise. That doesn't really make sense.

Five- I miss Boston. I'm having a good time and I do like it and am excited for everything to actually begin with classes and internships but... Boston. People in Boston. I miss you. I don't necessarily think Boston is the place for me to stay forever and that's not a plan at the moment... but I do miss all of my friends. A lot.


  1. Hey Carrie!

    I miss you too! I'm so jealous of the weather. We'll be in contact I'm sure because I'm going to need your moral support.

    Loved following your adventure and I'm so curious about that recycled newspaper artwork - do tell!

    <3 Natalie

  2. Carrie Dearest, I know you miss me the most. It goes without saying. Am glad the apt turned out to be good and the weather better. We miss you. love, AK