Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Texas-New Mexico Recap

Road Trip day two was a whole lot of driving to make it to several key destinations in the great land of Texas! We were in a race against the sun to make it to both the Palo Duro Canyon (about 25 miles south east of Amarillo) and then to the Cadillac Ranch (6 miles west of Amarillo). But we did it and it was totally awesome.

We were driving way out of the way for Palo Duro which is a state park and I was like "Our parents would be so proud of us! Here we are on our own in the middle of the US and we're going to state parks!" The Canyon was beautiful and the colors were incredible. We chatted with Cindy, who was working at the Coronado Lodge overlooking the canyon, before taking a drive down into the bottom of the canyon. And you know what's awesome?! You can go camping down there!! I totally want to go! It would be so cool.

The Cadillac Ranch was possibly my favorite thing we did on this trip and we were only there for about twenty minutes. This was in part due to the sun was setting and that it was below 30 degrees -- but also because of the cattle. We run up to the Cadillacs and there's
this large herd of cattle about 100 feet away. And we're jumping around and taking photos and we turn around and the cattle are now 20 feet away. Staring at us. They move to the end of the Cadillacs and begin to rub (sharpen?!) their horns on the Cadillacs. Julie then reveals she is afraid of cattle and we decided to run back to our car. According to Mike, however, the people who showed up as Julie and I were running away started to pet the cattle. Is then when you can tell when someone is from the city or not? I guess so.

We made it for dinner in Santa Rosa, New Mexico and discovered that sleeping in the car would not be the wisest decisions as it was supposed to snow that night. So we made it THROUGH THE MOUNTAINS and stayed in Albuquerque, NM (ohhhh Albuquerque ... how I've missed you... not).

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