Friday, February 13, 2009

Birthday: How to turn 22 in a new city

I love birthdays. You may think that you love birthdays too, but nothing makes me happier than making someone else's birthday totally awesome. So my birthday is really important and I was worried that since I would have to plan everything myself it wouldn't be as fun.

I was wrong.

I had the best day since being in California even though I had to work part of the day. I was simply in the best mood. I woke up late, found an incredible used book store in Burbank, bought a top at Urban Outfitters with a gift card, ate some french fries and frozen yogurt, and went to work at Emerson's LA center. My friend Brendan covered the first few hours of my shift so I worked the afternoon/evening and then...we went to laser tag.

Let me explain something: I happen to be a master of laser tag. This is in part because of the excellent facilities in Rockford, IL and the countless birthday parties I attended there and partly because I'm just awesome.

I ANNIHILATED everyone in both games. And it was awesome.

We got food after laser tag and hung out at my apartment watching the Princess Bride and eating homemade cake and cookies (courtesy my cousin Lindsay) and delicious banana cream pie (my favorite!). I haven't laughed so much since coming to L.A.

Such a perfect day.


  1. humble is your middle name.

    i ANNIHILATED everyone.....i love you pooky