Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Last Of The Mohicans

Last Of The Mohicans is one of my family's favorite movies - we've been watching it for years and I remember being confused as a small child when I was asked to leave the room when Hawkeye and Cora got a little tooooo friendly. Mmmm dreamy Daniel-Day Lewis...

I recently bought the book in a fantastic used book store to satisfy a desperate need for new and challenging reading material. I'm about forty pages in and the book is getting really good. The first few chapters were difficult to power through but I did and the pages are falling out. The copy of the book is faded and torn and very loose and the smell of the book seems to be making it more enjoyable to read. I'm considering just tearing out pages as I get through them as so many have already jumped ship...

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  1. BRING IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU COME TO BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!