Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Road Trip Quotes

I typed out a pros and cons list we came up with on the road trip that I found in the back of my notebook but blogger wasn't behaving so I've just included some priceless quotes from our travels:


Julie and Carrie to Mike: "Your farts make me want to vomit! I'm gagging!"

Carrie: "Lick it like you want it Mike!"

Carrie: "Do you fart?
Julie: "No. Do you?"

Julie: "That's right Mike, you spit on Texas!"

Carrie: "My coat! Take it off!"
Mike: "Take it ALL off!"

Carrie: "Get out of my dreams... and into my car!"
Mike: "You hooker bitch!"

"Don't get blitzed
cops everywhere"
-- Flashing sign in New Mexico

Carrie: "They weren't your normal milk cows - although there were babies!"

Mike: "No, that shit was like the whole kindergarten class came out of my ass."

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