Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Auckland and Debbie

Tim has found a new love: wonderful quirky Debbie.

We ran around Auckland yesterday buying a cellphone, looking things up online, getting Mike's work visa appointments taken care of, and looking for a mechanic for Adalaide, our station wagon who decided to run out of coolant.

At the end fo the day we headed to the Couchsurfers Meeting in Auckland on Prince's Wharf where we were hoping to find someone to stay with. The group consisted almost entirerly of backpackers and no hosts and while people were pretty friendly, it looked like there was no hope. Until Mike found Debbie. And Debbie took us home. She's a cheerful Kiwi with a quirky sense of humor and a love for everything Tim. Between her two couches, her floor, and a little twin bed, we fell asleep straightaway and Dan and I slept all morning while Tim took Adalaide to the mechanic.

Adalaide had to stay in the shop til tomorrow morning so Debbie drove us around to go shopping for camping supplies. She has been so generous and happy and kind to us. She took us to Kmart and Warehouse (sort of like a walmart) and to the grocery store. We bought some pillows and blankets, some sleeping pads, a little stove, etc and we also bought food to cook a feast for Debbie.

We just finished cooking up burritos and a salad and singing "Teenage Dream" so off we go to eat outside.

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