Sunday, January 9, 2011

Life Is Beautiful

Mike eating a burrito at Debbie's

Our second dinner in Auckland

Mike and Tim hijacking my camera in Piha

Daniel in Adalaide our first night

Tim driving Adalaide our first night

I'm currently traveling with three companions who have mastered the art of That's What She Said. I'm traveling with:

1. My older brother Mike who is 25 years old, a photojournalist, and taller than Michael Jordan. He is someone who is constantly trying to improve his relationships with those around him and this is the first part of his Around The World Trip with Dan and Tim.
2. Mike's best friend Tim who is 26 and who I've known for about 12 years. He is one of the most exuberant and outgoing people I've met and has charm coming out of every pore. He once worked for a few months as an art dealer on a cruise ship. He is a Spanish interpreter and is currently learning Russian.
3. Tim's younger brother Dan who is 18 years old and is taking the year off before going to college to travel around the world. I don't know Dan that well but from what I've learned in a short period of time has been great: he's laid back and willing to try new things and a perfect counterpart to the Go Go Go of Mike and Tim.

The three of them have their own blog which is:

And Life Is Beautiful is our trip motto and one that I am currently following in my own life. We've already had many discussions about our individual goals for this trip as well as our delight to all be together, having these incredible experiences and learning about each other. I think it's important for the four of us to be together and to balance each other out on this journey.

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